The Christmas Tradition of Elf on the Shelf has been getting more & more popular with families. It was a tradition that was originally started in America and was created to answer the age old question of How does Santa really know if children have been naughty or nice. Santa sends out scout elves to stay with humans to watch over their behaviour and each night the elf flies back to the North Pole where they report on their little humans behaviour.

The elves usually arrive for families in the UK on the 1st December and stay throughout the month getting up to mischief during the night whilst the humans are asleep.

This is a great ways of building the magical excitement in the run up to Christmas. There are various ways your can announce the arrival of your elves to the little humans in your home and if you are struggling for ideas I have listed a few for you below.

1. Elf Welcome Poem

You can print off and leave this poem out with your elf to announce his or her arrival. This poem can be originally found at  Welcome Poem by

Elf on a Shelf welcome letter - Christmas Traditions for kids

2. Welcome Message from your elf

Using sweets write a message from your elf to your little humans. If you have had a visit in previous years from your elf and they are returning you could write an message such as Did you miss me? If this is the first visit you could write Hello from your elf or other such messages.

Welcome home to your Elf on the Shelf - Christmas Traditions for kids

Welcome Home message for your Elf by

3.  Letter from your Elf

Print out this letter from Yummy Mummy adding your little humans name at the top.


Elf Return Letter Printable

Printable Hello letter from your Elf by Yummy Mummy

4. Create a landing pad for your elf.

If your elf has visited in previous years and your little humans are expecting them, you could get them to create a landing pad out of lolly sticks & coloured wool with a little welcome back message.


Make your Elf a landing net by Elf on the

5. Roll out the Red Carpet

Again if you have had a previous visit from your elf you could place a red carpet at your fireplace or front door to make your elf feel really special when they arrive.


Create a red carpet welcome by Elf on the

Good luck with the arrival of your elf. I would really love to hear how you are going to announce your elf or have done in the past. If you want to post a picture that would be fantastic.

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Michelle x

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