Understanding the difference between a Cot, Cot-Bed, Toddler bed, Junior bed and Single bed can be a nightmare to parents of young children as well as which they should buy for their children and at what age.  I have twin girls, they are 13 now but it still seems only yesterday when we were trying to decide when to covert their cots to cot beds & when to move them to single beds.  I am not here to preach to you as to when you should do that because the honest answer is all children are different and you should do it when you feel they are ready.


M&M 1st night in big beds           xmas04 12

These are pictures of my twins on their 1st night in their cot beds & big girls beds – happy memories

I am going explain what all the different information you read really means so you as parents can make an informed decision.

The first thing to clear up is the terminology.  Parents usually buy either a cot or a cot-bed for their babies when they are born. The difference being a cot-bed can be converted to a bed from a cot by taking the sides off when the child is old enough and a cot cannot be altered so you will need to buy either a toddler bed or a single bed when they have outgrown their cot.

A Cot-bed once converted is the same size as a Junior or Toddler bed. When you are searching for bedding they can be either be called Cot bed bedding, Junior bedding or Toddler bedding.

The best way to ensure you are buying the right bedding is to check the sizes.  I have put together a guide below to simplify it for you.


Guide to Bed Sizes:

Mattress size: Fitted sheet size: Duvet Cover/Quilt Size: Pillowcase size:
Cot 60cm x 120cm 60cm x 120cm 100cm x 125cm x
Cot-Bed/Toddler/Junior Bed 70cm x 140cm 70cm x 140cm 120cm x 150cm 40cm x 60cm
Single Bed 90cm x 190cm 90cm x 190cm 135cm x 200cm 50cm x 75cm


Guide to Tog ratings:


Duvets come with their own scale of warmth called the tog rating. The thicker the duvet doesn’t always mean the warmer it is. It refers to the effectiveness of the materials thermal insulation and the duvets fillings ability to trap air and provide more warmth.

Children’s duvets are usually around 4-4.5tog.


Cot-Bed Bedding

At Kool Kids Rooms we have over 40 different cot-bed duvets in stock for both boys and girls bedrooms. We have bedding that can be used to help create a themed room such as a dinosaur themed bedroom or something more generic such as butterflies or flowers.  Some of our bedding will have matching curtains and bedroom accessories to help you create the perfect bedroom.



A lot of our ranges are altered by ourselves from single duvets and that gives you the flexibility to have whatever size pillowcase you want. Cot-bed duvet covers that come ready made usually come with cot-bed sized pillowcase (40cm x 60cm) and therefore you have to purchase a special cot-bed pillow. A lot of people just see this as added expense and want a standard size pillowcase. Just let us know at the time of purchase and we will sort this out for you.


Our most popular Cot-bed duvet covers are shown below:

kidz fairy patchwork     kids owl and friendsl

Catherine Lansfield Dinosaur Cot Bed Duvet    kidz jungle boogie2


As well as the duvet covers we have a Cot Bed Starter Pack which includes a Junior duvet insert, a Junior Pillow and a Junior Mattress protector.


Please click through to our website if you would like to check out our full range of Cot Bed Duvet covers.


Thank-you for reading and I hope you all have a great week.

If you have any questions on anything above or anything else to do with Toddler bedding then please ask below.


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