As our last themed football week was so successful we have decided to do another but this time its the girls turn so this week its all about Owls at Kool Kids Rooms. I will be offering advice & tips of how you can create an Owl or Woodland themed bedroom for your kids. There will be a lot of pink & sparkles. I will be adding these to our social media platforms throughout the week but will add everything here too so you can find everything in one place.

If you have any questions pop them in the comments box below, call me on 01925 631831 or email me at

Michelle x

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Take a look around our Owl Themed Bedroom as part of our Owl Week. This was a Facebook Live Stream

Bedroom accessories can create different looks

As part of Owl Week I have put together the room design together and have shown you how you can add different coloured accessories to the same duvet cover & curtains to create a different look.

Below you can see the same room with the same Owl Duvet cover – the 1st with candy pink accessories & the 2nd with duck-egg blue accessories.

20160315_100535000_iOS 20160315_100606000_iOS


20160315_095457713_iOS   20160315_095245709_iOS    20160315_095224131_iOS   20160315_095403048_iOS



20160315_095733844_iOS 20160315_095815850_iOS 20160315_095805494_iOS 20160315_095403048_iOS



20160315_100141653_iOS 20160315_100124980_iOS


Kids Rugs

Using key items like rugs can create stunning bedrooms. These following 4 photos show that by adding different statement rugs you can transform the room into 4 looks.

20160317_093611550_iOS    20160317_093845279_iOS

20160317_093412806_iOS 20160317_093320277_iOS