Colour is a massive subject and if you type COLOUR into google there are 713 million results. Most people you ask will have a favourite colour, mine is red and you don’t always have an understanding why that is but you may find yourself being attracted to that colour when you are shopping for things for your home, your garden and your clothes.


There is a multi-billion pound industry built around colour, and places like restaurants, retail stores, hairdressers spend a fortune on choosing the right colour to create the right kind of atmosphere to encourage you and me to spend money with them.


Colour psychology has proven that exposure to certain colours can improve your sleep, affect your mood and even enhance academic performance.


Colours are divided into Cool and Warm colours colour-wheel

Cool colours are blues, purples and greens and warm colours are yellows, oranges and reds.






COOL COLOURS generally have a calming effect on children, they can make their rooms especially small ones feel more spacious, giving an idea of open skies, fields etc. but they can also make rooms feel cold and unwelcoming.

Dark cool colours can however give a feeling of darkness and sadness and are advised to be used in moderation, although all too often teenagers choose to have black walls to create a certain type of atmosphere.


GREEN is the colour most people associate with nature, therefore a great calming colour. It is associate with health and healing, reducing anxiety and increasing concentration. Children are often found to increase their reading ability with a green environment.

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BLUE is the total opposite of red on a colour wheel. It has a calming affect on the body and mind, decreasing blood pressure and heart rates. This is recommended for children who have sleeping problems or behavioural problems.

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PURPLE can be associated with wealth and royalty. It combines both blue & red so depending on the tone can take the characteristics of both.

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WARM TONES are associated with happiness and comfort. These colours can help a large space seem more cosy.

Bright colours in reds, yellows and oranges can stimulate the brain of a toddler which is why a lot of educational play toys for young children come in these types of colours.


RED is a very passionate, emotive colour and advised to use it in a child’s bedroom sparingly. It is the opposite to blue and can energize and increase heart rates. Research has suggested that too much red can harm your child’s academic performance.

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ORANGE inspires interpersonal skills and communication. It is a very welcoming colour but as with red used too much can over stimulate the brain.

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YELLOW is associated with happiness and motivation, we all feel instantly happier when the sun is out.

Soft tones of yellow can help your child with improvements to memory, but again used too much can over stimulate children.


Pantone-Minion-Yellow-Minions-PinterestIt wasn’t just a co-incidence that the Disney Corporation created the minions that everyone just loves and who make everyone to smile the colour yellow.  The Pantone Corporation has recently announced a new colour called MINION YELLOW – this colour has been declared the colour of hope, joy and optimism.


(The Pantone Corporation is the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color across a variety of industries. The PANTONE® name is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer.)


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PINK well what can I say, a colour loved by most little girls the world over. I say mostly as I have twin girls & around the age of 5, 1 of my girls took a vicious hatred for any think pink.

It does have a calming nature but most little girls tend to want everything pink and their bedrooms look like a big pink blancmange. A lot of girls do tend to grow out it as they get older.

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Although colour psychologists spend all this time analysing the effects of different colours on our mood they can be wide generalisations, as long as your child is happy and well balanced that’s all that matters.

You can now shop on our website by colour, this function will continue to be developed over the coming months to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.


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