Out of this World Wall Mural


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Big Murals offer exciting new possibilities for every age and every room in your house. WALLIES are easier than stencilling; you can put them up in minutes!

WALLIES will quickly enhance and beautify any smooth, flat surface, looking like you spent painstaking hours hand painting your project

Whats included:

Rocket 42cm x 132cm
Spaceship 43.8cm x 30.4cm
Sun 38.1cm
Comet 38cm x 14.7cm
44 Stars 7.7cm to 9.5cm
3 Planets 19.7cm x 53.3cm
2 Moons 5cm x 14cm

Comes on 2 sheets

Instructions for applying to walls

Just wet the back and apply. A sponge or paper towel and water are all the supplies you need
They work on walls, wood and glass.
WALLIES are easy to remove, simply wet the mural very well and peel them off; the glue is water soluable.


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