Pirate Wallpaper Mural

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Each mural contains 71cm x 102cm (28″ x 40″) sheets of die cut pieces, making Big Murals quick and easy to use.

Some Big Murals piece together to form one large image and others are individual pieces that invite you to create your own unique display.

Big Murals offer exciting new possibilities for every age and every room in your house. WALLIES are easier than stencilling; you can put them up in minutes! WALLIES will quickly enhance and beautify any smooth, flat surface, looking like you spent painstaking hours hand painting your project.

But, all you do is wet and apply. A sponge or paper towel and water are all the supplies you need. WALLIES are strippable. To remove, simply wet the mural very well and peel them off; the glue’ s water soluble.

What’s included:

3 ships 30cm x 32cm to 70cm x 65cm (11ľ” x 12˝” to 27˝” x 25˝)”
4 palm trees 17cm x 19cm to 25cm x 30cm (6˝” x 7˝” to 10″ x 12″)
1 compass 22cm x 22cm (8˝” x 8˝”)
1 island 53cm x 39cm (21″ x 15Ľ”)
1 treasure 17cm x 19cm (6˝” x 7˝”)
1 cross 10cm x 10cm (4″ x 4″)
1 cannon 22cm x 17cm (8˝” x 6ľ”)
4 pirates 15cm x 23cm to 17cm x 25cm (5ľ” x 9Ľ” to 6˝” x 9ľ” )

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