Your childs bedroom is more than just a place to sleep, store clothes, books & toys. It’s a childs first chance to have their own space which they should be encouraged to show their sense of individuality to create a magical, fun place to play safely & happily.

  • Do you walk into your childs bedroom & sigh?
  • Do you wonder why it is always a mess even 5 minutes after you have tidied it?
  • Do you feel it is just a constant battle to find the floor especially after all the extra stuff that has flooded into the house over Christmas?
  • Do you just need to give it some TLC to help you fall back in love with it?

So how are you going to do that? 

Follow our 8 Top Tips & fall in love with your kids bedroom all over AGAIN !!!!


  Deep Cleaning the Carpet

Childrens bedroom carpets are usually well used areas, prone to spillages & stains. Clean your childs carpet, paying special attention to any stains. I would recommend shampooing the carpet to get a deep clean as this can make an amazing difference to a room having fresh clean carpets.

Once it is clean I recommend using a mix of Baking Soda & essential Oils to freshen up the carpet once a month. Do this by mixing 10-20 drops of essential oil to a box of baking soda, mix so all the oil is absorbed and store away in an air tight container. Once a month sprinkle over the carpet, leave for 5 minutes and hoover as normal. This will add instant freshness to the room.


 Freshening up the walls & getting creative

Wipe down all the walls with soapy water, you will be amazed at how dusty walls can become & what a difference this will make.

Maybe think about freshening up the paintwork & get the gloss paint out for the skirting boards, window cills & doors. I really love the look of a room when the white gloss paint is all shiny & fresh, maybe not the smell too much.

Think about the walls, if they are only painted & feel plain & boring why not look at using wall stickers & kids shaped mirrors to create a feature on the wall, either of a theme such as football, diggers, or butterflies or unicorns, whatever goes with the room & your childs imagination.


Alternatively create a feature wall with a wall mural.


Depending on the age of the child, maybe think about using their own artwork around the room as decoration, there are some fantastic ideas on Pinterest that display the work in a unique way.


Checkout my pinterest board for  more organisational ideas.



All furniture in a childs bedroom can take a bashing, from toys being crashed into them whilst playing, dirty finger prints left over everything as well as everyday dust & dirt. So freshen up your childs room by washing down all the furniture tops, bookcases, draws & wardrobe door fronts too. You will be amazed at how they all look.

Also why not create a unique look by changing any door or draw handles with some new ones. You can get some fabulous handles at some great prices either brightly coloured ones to add to boring white furniture, crystal knobs to add to a girls bedroom or football handles. There are lots to choose from to create something wonderful & individual.


 Creative Storage

Go through your childs wardrobes & de-clutter them by throwing out all the clothes that don’t fit any more, this is a full time job with kids as they keep on growing.

Look at the kids stuff your child has in their bedroom that is causing all the problems and create a unique way to store them. That way it creates interest in the room your child will love & it keeps the room clear.

8 Simple Storage Ideas for your childs bedroom.


 Create Zones

Following on from the storage solutions, create zones in the room, maybe a quite corner of the room can become a reading corner, or set up a table for high tech Lego design.


 Freshen Bedding & Mattress

Adding fresh clean bedding to your childs bed can automatically make a difference to the room. Whilst you are doing that pay attention to the mattress as well, this should be cleaned regularly, checkout my blog on caring for your mattress & why its so important.

6 Top Tips on how to care for your kids bed & bedding


 Light Fittings

Remove all dust & dirt from any light fittings, make sure you clean any bulbs as this will then lead to the light shining in the room brighter.


 Clean Windows

Mucky finger marks & handprints on windows can lead to light being obscured coming into a room, so giving the windows in your childs room will ensure the maximum amount of light comes flooding into the room. Try to clean your windows on a cloudy day as the sunshine can lead to them drying to quickly & leaving streaks.


Follow these 8 top tips & you will definitely Fall back in Love with your childs bedroom.

Please let us know how you get on.

Michelle x

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