Last week I had a customer enquiry asking for help decorating the walls of her daughters bedroom. They had moved house and they were looking for ideas on using wall stickers.  This has inspired me to write this blog to give you different ideas of how you can decorate your children’s bedroom or playroom walls.

Painted Walls

The most popular way of decorating children’s bedrooms is to paint the walls. This is one of the most cost effective ways of decorating, it can be painted over with another colour when it needs updating and it can be wiped clean.


Why not create a different look by using masking tape to create a wavy line around a room and paint in two different colours.


Room Make-over Packs

Wall stickers are a great quick and easy way to add fun to a children’s bedroom. Packs come in all shapes, sizes and designs. You can buy full room make-over kits such as the Funberry Farm Nursery Wall Make-Over Kit which has 72 seperate stickers around the farmyard theme that you can add to the walls in whatever design you want, either creating one feature wall or spreading the stickers over a few walls.

Funberry-Farm---Pond-and-Ducks  Funberry-Farm---Piglet-&-Hay  Funberry-Farm---Cow  funtosee_funberry_farm_room_makeover_kit_after

By using the masking tape technique above with yellows, blues & greens you can create a great backdrop for the room.

Smaller Wall Sticker Packs

Alternatively if you don’t want to have such a large mural in the room and you want something more subtle you can buy smaller wall sticker packs. You can mix and match to create your own look. Some of the most popular wall stickers with our customers are below.

room make-over kits  hearts in hearts    disney-princess scroll tree

bfoot  outer space-stickers   Dinosaurs_Border%20&%20Wall%20Decals_RoomSet  Robot1

How to prepare your walls for wall stickers

Most of our wall decals are easy to apply and do not leave marks, sticky residue or peel off the paint when removed.

They are made from flexible vinyl and are therefore durable for children’s bedrooms as well as being waterproof for wiping down.

Make sure you prepare the walls beforehand by washing all walls with sugar soap to ensure there is no grease and the surface is clean. If you have recently painted the walls the manufacturer recommends to leave the walls at least 3 weeks to ensure it is totally dry otherwise you could find problems with the wall stickers sticking or the paint may peel off when removed.

Make sure your hands are clean when peeling the decals off the sheet otherwise it may affect the stickiness of them on the wall. Place in the position you want on the wall and smooth down removing any bubbles.  Most of the wall stickers are re-positionable so you can move around if you wish (please check the pack for instructions).

Chalkboard Wall Stickers

To add something different to your childs bedroom or playroom, you could add one of our chalkboards. We have a few different designs from packs of panels which you can use on walls in a group of 4 or in a straight line. They come in 4 colours – black, green, blue and pink as well as smaller packs of neon green and neon pink.

chalkboard - panels blk chalkboard - panels blu chalkboard - panels grn chalkboard - panels pink

Why not use them on the front of draws or storage boxes so you can easily tell what’s inside.

As well as the panels we have shaped designs of houses and butterflies.

butterfylchalk blackboard-house

Glow in the Dark accessories

We have a range of wall and ceiling stickers which glow in the dark, great for adding an extra effect to your room. Glow in the dark 3D planets along with pink or cream moons and stars are great to add to an outer space themed bedroom and our 2 designs of glow in the dark dinosaurs can be great to add in among a pack of dinosaur wall stickers.

3dsolarsystem B8620 Glow Glitter Stars Lifestyle Glow Morph T Rex FRONT

Children’s Mirrors

You can also use other accessories along with your wall stickers to create your special themed bedroom.  Children’s acrylic mirrors are great for creating light in a smaller room.  The use of our dinosaur mirrors with our dinosaur wall stickers can be fantastic –

Brontosaurus-mirror  dino-large  dinosaur-mirrors
We have lots of different designs from butterflies, space rockets, hearts, ponies, owls, lions etc. Come and take a look.

Nursery Designs

Finally lots of our wall stickers, mirrors etc are aimed specifically at younger children and are great for decorating nurseries.  Sunshine, rainbows along with alphabet wall stickers which can be co-ordinated with bunting and either pink butterflies or blue trains.

sunshine W13052 W13056

 blalph blutrain pnkbun pnbut

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