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Christmas is well and truly over, if you stick to the 12th night rule then all your decorations should of been down by yesterday. If you have children then you will have had toys and presents everywhere all over Christmas and you will have tolerated them up to now but you are probably thinking enough is enough now and you are desperate to find some kind of order again and you would like to get back to “normal” whatever that means.

You may be luckily enough to have lots of space in your home, the kids may have a bedroom each and a playroom but it doesn’t really matter because however much space you have, if you have kids it gets filled.

My girls are 14 now but I remember the constant battle of trying to find the carpet on a daily basis and toys these days seem to have endless amounts of small fiddly bits of plastic. They used to drive my husband bonkers.

So how do you get all your create calm from the chaos and fit all those new toys into an already full to bursting bedroom or playroom.

Firstly if you didn’t have a good old sort out before Christmas then now is the time to do it.


Sort out all the broken toys & the ones with pieces missing, especially games and THROW THEM AWAY.


Make some money Look at all their toys that are too young for them now, learning games, jigsaws that are 25 pieces when they can now do 100. Either give them to a charity shop or sell them on a local facebook selling page. What I have started doing is when I have a clearout & sell something it may only be for a few quid so I have a money box that I put everything in it and it soon adds up.  Just think if you did that now for 6 months you could have some money to spend on days out in the Summer holidays.


Store un-opened presents away  Look at all the stuff they got for Christmas there are always things that don’t get opened straight away.  Hide them away, they probably wont miss them and bring them out in a few months when they are fed up of playing with what they have.


Rotate their toys  Get a large storage box (a couple depending on how many toys they have) and split them up, put a box or 2 away so they have toys to play with now and they also have more “play” space in their rooms, then after a few weeks or month swop the toys over. They will have new toys to play with all the time and some of them may never of been played with if everything was left together.

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8 Simple Storage Ideas

If you have tried all those and you still need help then these simple ideas will help you to restore some order by creating a home for everything – I cannot guarantee it will stay there though (I feel your pain)

Use ordinary garden baskets on the walls to store cuddly toys, balls. Make sure you position them at a low level so your kids can put everything back when they’ve finished with them.

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Use the back of your kids doors for storage, especially when space is limited this can be valuable. You can use the fabric shoe organisers which you can buy and store the hundreds of teddies you may have. If you use the clear plastic organisers its easy for your kids to see whats stored inside which is especially great for all those plastic superhero models, cars, dolls plasic bits. These are also great for storing kids craft bits and bobs that you never know what to do with.

If they are on display they will get played with more.

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Why not use bags instead of shoe organisers, you can get some really pretty ones


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This is a great idea using 10 plastic buckets, you can get them to match the colour scheme of your room, use cable ties to tie them together to make this great storage unit.


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I think this storage cupboard for cars is great, better than them being dumped into a box or left all over the floor. Using these cardboard tubes glued together gives a cool garage for them to be parked into at night.  And with small kids there will never be a short supply of empty toilet rolls.


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Another great way to store those crafty bits & pieces is using old jars, you can decorate the lids with glueing farm animals or their favourite TV characters onto the lids. Hopefully you can then find the paint brushes & scizzors when you want to use them.


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If you have girls then you will definitely understand the pain of keeping hairclips, bands & bows together, here are some simple ideas to help.


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I love this idea for younger kids to store books instead of a book case, it makes them easier to access & see the front covers which is what attracts any of us to pick up a book

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I had to add this is in although I agree not as easy as the others, I would of loved this as a kid in my bedroom & a way to keep those teddies in one place.


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I hope you found this useful and if you decide to give any of them a go then please pop by and let me know, either by commenting here or over on my facebook page

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